Amazing Confinement Care Centre is a home style postpartum retreat service centre which located in Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang Selangor. We create a home like environment for moms to easily get adapt to the surroundings in our confinement centre.

We not only specializes in the provision of traditional Chinese confinement services but combines with modern expertise. We do our best to provide moms and her newborns in a high quality and private accommodation setting.

The confinement package mainly focus on taking care of babies and mothers to regain her health and energy. Besides that, it provides the mothers with nutritious confinement meals, products, postnatal massage and so on.

During the postnatal period, a mom needs not just only rest, a meal for a mom is just as good as rest. In Amazing Confinement Centre, we serve delicious yet nutritious meals 5 times a day with herbal tonic soup and unlimited red dates tea. We specialized in serving soups as we understand soups can help moms rejuvenate. Depending on the mom’s need and health condition, we will prepare different soups for moms.

All rooms are well equipped and thoughtful, own attached bathroom, Personal Assistance System for the mother to call for help. Fathers are allowed to stay overnight to accompany their wives without extra charge.

Mothers will not feel bored to stay in here because every rooms have a private wide screen 32” LED TV and free Wi-Fi access which mothers can enjoy. Our services included 24-hour round the clock baby supervision, highly secure nursery with CCTV surveillance.

We also offer confinement lady service, meals delivery service, mini herbal soup bags and etc.